• Cotton print
  • Adjustable with black metal slide adjuster and hook/clip
  • Pretied, adjustable neck, clip fastening
  • Pocketchief SOLD separately 
  • Orders ship within 3-5 business days of purchase
  •  design pattern may vary

ARTIST   Nambooka

Nambooka, also known as Bea Edwards, is a decendant from the Pyemmairrener clan of Tasmania. She lives in Melbourne and works at the Frankston Hospital. She paints the patterns handed down to her from her grandmother who also taught her basketry and fibre arts. Bea is an artist, mother, Aboriginal community D&A worker, teacher, tour guide, and consultant, and a household name in quilting and craft industry circles!

Being a keen community worker with a deep understanding of land issues and Aboriginal culture, her skills are outstanding and are consequently in high demand. Bea’s work is about flora and fauna, nature and spirituality, and indigenous development. Her designs are distinctive, unique and original and authentic. It is strikingly bold and deceptively simple. Many of her creations are in public galleries and private collections.

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