Artist           Peggy Brown Napangardi (1945-2006)

Region       Yuelamu

Peggy was a well known artist who sold her art works to the tourist trade in Alice Springs. Her works have been displayed in numerous art galleries. Clifford Possum, one of the most famous Aboriginal artists, encouraged her to continue with her art works. Fabric designs have included Women Dancing and Bush Food. Her dreaming was honey ants centering on the Yuelamu area. Peggy’s Aboriginal language was Anmatyerre.

The rainbow snake is a common motif in Aboriginal art. Dreamtime stories tell of the great spirits during creation; in animal and human form they moulded the barren and feaureless earth. Teh rainbow snake came from beneath teh ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorgesas it pushed upward. There are numerous stories associated wit hthe snake, all of which communicate teh significance and power of this being within Aboriginal traditions.

Rainbow Snake

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